Whether you are a music label, production studio, independent band or artist, you provide the most important element- the music itself. Our job is to deliver your music - whether as album, single or ringtone, to the platforms of your choice, maximize your digital revenue.

Rock Mobile has more than 10 years of marketing & distribution experiences on digital music, in both Taiwan and China. We provide a total solution of digital music package- including comprehensive strategic assessment, marketing planning, music royalty, legal consultancy, and global music distribution service.


We are iTunes Music Aggregator

Rock Mobile is currently the only Apple-approved music aggregator that works with iTunes directly in Taiwan. We are familiar with iTunes Content Delivery workflow, and also work very closely with iTunes in terms of marketing. We also provide the following services in order to help you to get your music content on iTunes Store:

●iTunes Ringtone, Single, EP, Album Delivery
●iTunes Concert Film, Music Video Delivery
●iTunes Pre-Order
●Mastered for iTunes

What Can Rock Mobile Do for You

Mobile Ringtone & Ringback Tone Distribution

We have a professional Audio Production Team to customize your music, made ​​into ringtone or ring back tone, distributing to Taiwan and China mobile carriers’ platforms for sale, including mobile monthly or per download services.

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Delivery to Streaming Music Services

Work with us means you have total access to Taiwan major streaming music services! Your music can be heard via PC, tablet and mobile phone. Apart from content delivery, Rock Mobile also offer in-depth marketing and promotion services, provide professional digital media scheduling and operation experiences, so your music is market in the best marketing slots.

Streaming Music Services:

Global Distribution

If your music is good, why not go global? In terms of “Digital Music”, we want to do more. Rock Mobile has a well-established international workflow with leading global music services. We have a dedicate team to help delivering your music on the international platforms.

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